Monday, January 21, 2013

Watching Birds...

Good morning, from the home of
Lezza Kuzzin Poetry...

Dear Father,
Birds are always thankful,
So eager, as the eat!
Thankful, oh, so thankful
You supply their need!
I want to be like little birds
Coming to the seed!
I want to plant Your precious Word
And know I've all I need!
I want to sing like birds do-
They have such thankful hearts!
I want to flock with others-
Dear sisters
And dear brothers!!!

Beloved child, 
Yes, watch the birds!
Enjoy their thankful ways-
Come, receive all that I have,
Be thankful all your days!
Sing your new song, song of praise,
Enjoy all your days!
Gather with the saints,
Reminding and encouraging
I supply your need!!!

Lezza Kuzzin Poetry copyright 2013

Matthew 6:24-34
Mark 4:1-32
Exodus 15:2
Psalm 40:2-3, 68:19, 71:21, 75:6-7
Hebrews 3:13-14, 10:23-25, 35, 11:6
Jude verse 24
3 John verse 2
2 Corinthians 2:14, 13:14


  1. Thank you Mom! The picture is so perfect! What kind of birds are they? Opps... I forgot you can't comment with your phone! I was watching my thankful birds enjoy all their seed too! I'm sooo thankful and planting the Word of God in my heart! Singing my new song too!!! Have a great day... The Blessing only day!!! Love 4ever xo We had a great day of gathering together yesterday! I wish you could have been here with us! Too many miles... see you soon I hope ;) xo We did gather on the phone and had a wonderful time of praise together! I love you! xo

    1. Mom told me she is pretty sure they are House Finches :) So pretty and the males are the colorful ones! I love you Mom! xo

  2. Yes grandma, that picture is so good and they are so pretty and colorful!! The poem is so good too mom, birds always do seem so happy and carefree and always well fed ha!! i love you guys and sorry i didn't get to be there yesterday mom!!!

  3. We really missed you, honey! Maybe next week :)
    Hope you have a wonderful, receiving from Father, day!!! Well fed and singing!!!
    Got your new phone-camera yet? I can't wait to see the pictures the Lord inspires you to take!
    I love you sooo much!
    Love 4ever, mommy xo

  4. Someone needs some help
    Right now-
    I pray, Lord,
    How can I help right now?
    I'm asking You for Wisdom-
    A word, Lord,
    Someone needs one!

    Beloved here's a word right now!
    Wisdom, hear,
    Oh, hear, right now...
    Don't believe the lies of hell...
    Focus on the Truth!
    Zoom in and see Christ's Victory-
    Leave what you're thinking ...
    It's history!!!

    Thank You Father,
    Oh, sooo much!
    Now lead them here to see!
    Help that precious one believe...
    They have Victory!!!

    Lezza Kuzzin Poetry 2013

    Mark 9:23
    2 Corinthians 2:14
    Romans 8:31
    Psalm 71:21

  5. What a great poem and picture!!! I sure do love watching the birds at Gram's! Hope I get too again soon!! That reminds me, I need to go feed my birds! They're not colorful like those, though, just the cute little brown ones. Still fun to watch tho!
    I want to be like the birds too! Just flying and singing carefree and confident that God will always provide for them! What a great visual! I love you all!

  6. Wonderful my girl! I hear your joyful heart!
    Have a great night!
    Love 4ever, mommy xo

  7. Let them go, child, let them go...
    Let them go their way!
    Come and follow Me, My child,
    Come and go My Way!!!
    ***Remember in the Narnia movie when Aslan asked Lucy why she didn't follow him...
    Lucy replied, "Because they didn't believe!"
    Aslan asked her, "Why did that stop you?"
    ***Seek YOU first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness ... ( Matthew 6:33 )
    You seek... each one of us is a YOU! Oh, what joy!!!
    Who can hinder you?
    It's not the people that we know,
    It's not the people we don't know,
    It's what God gets us to believe-
    That's how far we'll go!!! ( Mark 9:23 )
    Oh, that's sooo exciting!!!
    I love you all! xo

  8. It is sooo exciting to believe together!
    I say out loud where my heart can hear...
    For it is first in your mouth and then in your heart!
    I say out loud:
    God has given me all things that pertain to life and godliness,
    and I am well able to posses all that God has provided me!
    Numbers chapter 13 verse 30; 2 Peter chapter 1 verse 3 and 4
    In Jesus name!!!
    Sweet sleep, oh, sweet sleep! I love you all! xo

  9. Amen!!! I'm going to follow God! Maybe some others will follow. :) I love you!!