Friday, July 16, 2010

Receive From Father's Hand

Good morning, from the home of Lezza Kuzzin

What is it this world offers you
That you don't already have?
Is it freedom?
You are free!
Is it wealth, prosperity?
You've found your wealth in Me!
Is it health and wholeness?
Receive your health in Me!
How about sweet fellowship?
Relationship with Me!
So child, the devil offers you
You don't have!
Understand! Child, understand!
See what indeed
You have!
Beloved child! Beloved child!
Whom I so dearly love!
Understand! Child, understand!
Receive from Papa's hand!!!

Lezza Kuzzin Poetry 2010copyright

Matthew 4:1-11, 6:33
John 17:3
2Cor. 13:14
Ephesians chapter 1, 3:14-21
Galatians 3:13-29, 4:6-7
1Chronicles 29:10-13
Psalms 105:37, 103:1-5
3John 2
Philemon 6

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