Sunday, July 25, 2010

Faith Has Paved The Way

Today's message at the Olustee Community Church...

Have courage child! Have courage!
Never be afraid!
See the land before you-
By courage it was paved!
Take hold, dear children,
Do take hold!
Be strong
And be so bold!
For what you’re standing on today
Is Blessed,
For faith has paved the way!
Now My children hear Me!
I only need your faith!
Remember how I never change!
To move, I need your faith!
Tell this world, be Joshua!
Be Caleb! Come believe!
For only! Only!
Eyes of faith, will ever Blessed, receive!
My children,
You believe!!!
Lezza Kuzzin Ministries 2010copyright
A prophetic rhyme
For an
Appointed time!
Joshua 1:5-9,
Numbers: chapter 13
Psalms 78:41
Romans 4:13-25
Jeremiah 1:12
Hebrews 11:6


  1. God given! Indeed! Thank you! xo
    Remember when God told me -I am going to give you a gift, some will not understand but later they will! Wow did that ever happen!
    Thank you for always understanding from the start! I love you! xo

    The gift of prophesy! New Testament- Greek meaning for prophesy: to give and inspired message of encouragement and proclaiming continued obedience!
    A prophetic rhyme- a rhyming message!
    For an appointed time-Today!
    Lezza means God's gift
    Kuzzin means understand!
    I am not hiding my gift! I flow it where ever I can!
    Where ever the Lord takes me!

  2. Wow Mom I love it! It's beautiful and I needed it today!! I have been looking since yesterday and they both were worth the wait! I love you and I am so proud of you and look I forward to these everyday!

  3. Sorry I took so long! I was living the Blessing! I am so proud of you too! Thank you for the comments they really encourage me! I love you!xo

  4. Oh I am believeing! I needed this one! I'm all pumped up for what is to come. I have faith in what God is doing in my life!

  5. Amen my Sunshine! It will exceed your wildest dreams! xo