Friday, December 11, 2009

Child Like Faith

  • Child Like Faith

    I asked the Lord 'bout Santa Claus
    When I was very small
    Is he really fat and short
    Or is he lean and tall?
    So childish
    Children's questions
    Quite often
    Faith professions!
    A child thinks!
    A child feels!
    His deepest thoughts
    A child reveals!
    Oh, Father now the things I ask
    Such grownup questions now
    Like how'd You do that in my heart
    Put Your voice in there?
    How'd You give me ears to hear
    And Love
  • To truly care?
  • Yes,the grownup questions now
  • But child like faith
  • Still how!
  • Your Word is what I'm hearing now
  • By faith I hear
  • Your child
  • Is how!
  • Oh, look what I'm believing now!
  • In Christ there is
  • Eternal Wow!!!
  • Lezza Kuzzin Poetry 2009 copyright
  • 1Cor.13:11 Matthew 18:1-5 1Peter 2:23 John 17:3
  • Webster's dictionary for Wow: great success; to be a great success with!

    Indeed!!! Victory in Christ!!!

I am trying to learn how to do this! Love you all! Debbie xo

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