Monday, February 21, 2011

Beams of Victory

Good morning, from the home of Lezza Kuzzin Poetry...

My child, do not run away!
Submit!  Submit, to Me-
My way!
When all around you wind does blow-
That I love you so!
Stay calm inside-
Where I reside!
Peace be still-
You're in My will!
When things don't seem to go your way-
Don't even think,
You'll run away!
Submit!  Submit-
I know the way!
I'm taking you and you will see-
I AM!  I AM-
The Way!!!
Trouble knocks where ere you go-
But Wisdom has the answer,
Stay and do not go!
Soon the beams of victory-
Will shine for all to see!
So many times I tell you-
I AM for you,
All will see!
I know-
You do agree!!!

Lezza Kuzzin Poetry 2011copyright

James 4:7
Genesis 16:1-11
1 Kings 19:1-9
Jonah 1:3
Romans 8:25-39
Jeremiah 1:8,12
Psalms 50:17 verses Proverbs 3:1-26
Psalms 5:11-12 and chapter 91
Ephesians 6:10-18
Psalms 71:21


  1. So many beams of victory I see today- because I did not cast God's instruction behind my back! Psalms 50:17! There was a time, years ago, that I did not even seek God's instruction! I didn't even know Proverbs 3:1-26 was in the Word and that it was for me!!! I asked Jesus into my heart- as a precious Sunday School teacher, Mrs.Cox, lead me when I was 12- I just didn't go on with the Lord BUT I ran back to God, Luke 15:11-27!!! I found our Father filled with great compassion,mercy and grace! He piled me high with kisses and gifts and we make merry everyday!!! Thank You Jesus for giving me the relationship that You have with Father! 2 Corinthians 13:14! God says, the devil has to flee not you!!! James 4:7 Oh, sweet joy! Oh, beams of victory!!! Love you all so very much! xo

  2. I would love to hear your story of victory in Jesus!!! xo

  3. Wow! What an awesome confirmation to what God has been showing me! Stay! Don't even think about leaving! I'm so thankful that Daddy reassures us when the enemy is trying to deceive us!
    I read this to Trinity and she loves it too! She had a big smile on her face when I read it.

  4. Oh, how awesome, honey! God gives me a word for a weary one along the way and since I get so much out of them myself I forget that someone or more than one is out there needing it today! So encouraging to hear!
    Confirmation! Yes!!! I like the part where we are reminded that there is trouble every where- just a different kind! Jesus said, Be of good cheer I have overcome the world! We are victorious in Christ! Stand in full armor!
    Rest in His care!!! Be of good courage - The shield of faith is more than able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked!!! The sWord of the Spirit - you casting down every tongue that rises against you for this is your heritage says the LORD!!! Great is the Peace of my children for they are taught of the LORD!!!
    I am so cheering you on!!! Love 4ever, mommy xo

  5. Thank you Mommy! I'm cheering for you too! 

  6. I know you are and I treasure that! xo

  7. I love that "sWord" of the Spirit.
    Were you reading my mail? I don't think I wanted to run away, but I did want to get away!!! I am so glad I know how to stir up that peace from within. It comes in sooooo handy in so many ways!