Friday, July 13, 2018

Truly Helping Me

Good Morning, from
"Glory" Oklahoma

When I'm in a situation 
Where I am needing help -
You always know just where I am
And You give me true, true help!
Not the kind the world gives,
No, not that kind at all!
The world says to try it out -
It doesn't care if I fall!
You, Lord, sent The Holy Spirit -
He helps me in Your Word!
And when I pay attention
I avoid situations -
By acting on Your Word!
But when I get into a bind -
You're always tender hearted
And help me 
For You're so kind!!!

Leeza Kuzzin Poetry 2018

Psalm 34:7-15, 19
John 16:13
Psalm 1:1-3
James 1:22
1 John 5:4
Hebrews 11:6
Mark 9:23
2 Corinthians 13:14

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