Sunday, October 24, 2010

You Have It Made / Inspired Message at Olustee Community Church

You Have It Made

My children, when you think like Me-
That’s where abundant life-
You’ll see!
I never have liked passive!
I’ve always sought to find the heart,
That leaped ,with joy responses!
Burdened with so many cares-
Crying out,
It is not fair!
Can you find it in My Word-
That I would never care?
Child, beloved child,
Of Mine!
Seek and you shall find!
Love will never be too late-
I’m always-right, on time!
Your, planted, garden will not fail!
The Seed! The Soil! The Water!
Hear Me, son! My daughter!
My children, do not be afraid-
You have My Word-
You have it made!
Stand on My promise!
Do not move!
In victory you stand!
Your harvest -more than grand!!!

Lezza Kuzzin Poetry 2010copyright

Amos 3:3 Hebrews 11:6 Judges 7:7
 James 5:4 Luke 8:4-15 Eph.3:20


  1. I had to use a different computer today- just temporary! I couldn't get the words centered! Sorry :) Love you all so much! xo

  2. Awesome poem! I needed this, so encouraging and always comforting, Father. I will call soon, I love you!