Monday, August 6, 2012

Shake Yourself Awake...

Good morning, from the home of
Lezza Kuzzin Poetry...

The things you see around you, child,
They are not your gage!
My Word, get understanding,
 Wisdom is your gage!
See with eyes of promise,
Don't doubt,
Don't be like Thomas!
Focus on My power,
Zoom in and see so clear,
Shake your self awake, child,
Good news, dear one,
Look here!!!

Oh, Father 
That is beautiful!
The dial of my thoughts woke up!
I'm in Your Word,
In joy I sup!
Your power and Your promises
Oh, be my constant stare...
 Oh, how much You love me...
Good news beyond compare!!!

Lezza Kuzzin Poetry copyright 2012

Psalm 1:1-3; 27:13; 31:19, 24  Deuteronomy 32:9-14
Ruth 2:12  John 20:24:31  Proverbs 9:1-11
Philippians 4:8, 13, 19  Ephesians 1:18
Nehemiah 8:10-12  Hebrews 11:6 
Romans 1:16  John 17:23
2 Corinthians 13:14 


  1. That's beautiful!! I need woken up for sure...I will. I love that picture, sorry I haven't sent any in a while. I love you.

  2. I'm glad I got on and read this! I just realized a VERY important bill was due on the 5th but I thought it was the 10th!!! Ugh!!! I remembered in time that the first words out of my mouth are the most important so I spoke faith! Then I read this and shook myself awake! to God's promises! Yay! I feel better now. :) I love you all!

  3. Amen my girls! I'm shaking myself again today! Awake to gladness!!! Show it forth!!!
    I love you girls so very, very much! I'm so proud of you!
    Love 4ever, mommy xo