Monday, September 9, 2013

Understanding Swells ...

Good morning, from the home of
Lezza Kuzzin Poetry ...

My Dear Father,
Wisdom shows me clearly,
To hold, 
To love her dearly!
Wisdom does promote me,
Preserves me,
And she keeps me!
Why would I ever wonder -
When Wisdom calls,

Beloved child,
With ears to hear,
Understanding flows ...
The ones that have no interest
Are those 
Who have no rest!
It isn't you -
You seek Me,
And hold Wisdom very dear!
It isn't you that's missing Me,
For Wisdom, you draw near!
Passion is the song you sing,
Your spirit knows it well!
Your passion is for Wisdom,
Let understanding swell!!!

Lezza Kuzzin Poetry copyright 2013

Proverbs 4:7-9, 9:11
Matthew 13:16
Luke 6:46-49
Matthew 6:33
1 John 2:20
Hebrews 11:6
Psalm 71:21
Mark 9:23
2 Corinthians 2:14, 13:14 


  1. To understand is joy!!!
    I love you all xo :)

    1. So many people we are connected to ... we have to remember that the call to embrace Wisdom is personal ... we can't do it for others. It can get you down if you don't refresh yourself in the Lord and pray for them to understand too. Refreshing yourself in the Lord is our part ... seeking the Lord is our personal part ... believing is our part ... embracing Wisdom is our part ... planting the Word in our own heart is our personal part ...
      Wow! A personal relationship with the Word of God ... our Jesus!!!
      To understand is joy!!!

  2. I need to be doing my part better! I love you Mommy

  3. Me too! That poem is so beautiful!!!! Love it!

  4. I love this!!! So true. I can only seek wisdom for me. I am not the Holy Spirit on patrol for others. I have only one choice - to seek Him and establish that beautiful, confident relationship.