Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Bright & Morning Star - I Know Just Who You Are!

Good news, from the home of
Lezza Kuzzin Poetry 
In "Glory" Oklahoma

Oh, Lord, how You refresh my soul!
I seek Your face -
Refreshed by Grace!
I find You ever faithful,
And I am ever thankful!
When I'm about to lean too far
I look unto Your Word to see -
My beloved Jesus, 
"The Bright & Morning Star"
The shining path I'm walking on
Is brighter day by day,
And I am giving thanks for all -
Sweet blessings day by day!!!

Lezza Kuzzin Poetry 2016

Jude 20-25
Philippians 4:4,8,13,19
Psalm 107:1-2
2 Timothy 1:7
Ephesians 2:8
Jeremiah 9:23-24, 10:23, 33:3
Proverbs 4:18
Psalm 65:11, 68:19, 71:21
Philemon 6
2 Peter 1:19-21
Colossians 1:27
Revelation 22:16

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