Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Blessing Never Changes

Good morning, from the home of
Lezza Kuzzin Poetry...

The Blessing never changes
It always stays the same!
My child, listen to Me
The Blessing stays the same!
Overflow, abundance-
Oh, verse by verse!
Remember what is Blessing
Refuse, refuse
All curse!!!

Oh, Father
That is very clear!
I hear, I hear,
I hear!
I receive The Blessing!
The Blessing
I'm confessing!!!
The curses
I'm refusing!!!

Lezza Kuzzin Poetry copyright 2011

Genesis 12:1-4, 13:14-17, 15:1-6, 18:14
1 Chronicles 21:1, 27:23-24
Romans 4:20-21
Galatians 3:13:14, 4:6-7
Deuteronomy 28:1-14  Blessings 
28:15-68 Curses Jesus freed us from!!!
Thank You Jesus!!!  We get The Blessing because 
You obeyed perfectly!!!   
We love You because You first loved us!!! 1 John 4:19
3 John verses 2-4
Philemon verse 6
Hebrews 11:6 :)
Romans 8:31, 15:13 :)
A nugget verse! * 1 Chronicles 22:16 :)

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