Thursday, February 16, 2012


Good morning, from the home of 
Lezza Kuzzin Poetry...

You can tell Me secrets, child
But don't forget
I know!
You can tell Me how you feel
But remember
Add what's real!
Don't come to Me complaining,
Don't come to Me explaining,
Just come to cast your care 
On Me 
No need to say, "Not fair!"
Ask, child, ask for Wisdom,
Seek My Word and find!
I answer you, I answer you
I do not want you blind!
Remember I AM for you!
Remember I adore you!!!

Oh, Father
How You know my thoughts-
Temptations to complain
You've given me 
Sweet Victory
Complete if I'll refrain!
I grab hold to The Comforter,
Holy Ghost explain...
I've everything I'll ever need
"Complete" in Jesus' name!!!

Lezza Kuzzin Poetry copyright 2012

Psalm 13:6, 71:1, 21, 139:1-4
Philippians 4:6-8,13,19
John 10:10
James chapter one
Matthew 7:7-11, 13:16
Luke 4:18-19
Romans 8:31
John 17:23
Colossians 2:10
2 Corinthians 2:14, 13:14 :)
Like a "Bed in a Bag" kit!  It's all there- bedskirt, sheets, pillow cases, pillow shams, some decorative pillows... most of all The Comforter!  But we have to put it together "With God!"  
Oh, Sweet Comforter!!!  Holy Ghost explain!  Help me Lord, to see my bed ( my life ) the way You see it!  Complete!!!   Nothing missing, nothing broken!!!  When I put it together then I'll see clearly it is all here!!!   Thank You sooo very, very much!!!  Love 4ever, Yours!!! xo xo xo      You gave me an Awesome Abundant Bed (Life) and I want to see it all together with YOU!!!   Romans 12:1-2 !!!  Thank You for giving and helping me!!!   I love You because You first loved me!!! 1 John 4:19 xo xo xo

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