Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Thoughtful Spot...

Good morning, from the home of 
Lezza Kuzzin Poetry...

I'm here, Lord, 
In my thoughtful spot-
As You encourage me...
To always look ahead,
To never look behind me
Just always look ahead!
So here I am again,
Seeing what You say-
With You my future's brighter
Day by day, 
By day!!!

Yes, beloved child of Mine,
Wisdom's in your heart-
Understanding keeps you from
Lies that tear apart!
Truth has taken hold of you-
Child, you know
What to do!
Stay in fellowship with Me-
I shall lead you on and on;
You never are alone,
I AM always with you
The Kingdom is your home!!!

Lezza Kuzzin Poetry copyright 2012

Romans 2:7; 8:1, 14-16, 28-31
2 Peter 2:7-9
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Jeremiah 29:11
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2 Corinthians 13:14 :)
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John again! 14:15-18, 26
Colossians again! 1:13
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Psalm 71:21 :)
Hebrews 11:6 :)


  1. I put a new comment on yesterday's poem! Sweet dreams and I love you all sooo very much! xo

  2. I love that!! Hopefully soon I'll have a spot like that to go to! I can picture it! I love the comment on yesterdays!!! I love you all!!

  3. I was lead to read this one again tonight & I'm so glad I did! I know what I need to do! Spend my time listening to u God! That's all I'm supposed to do right now. I love u Mommy