Tuesday, November 13, 2012

In Joy - Enjoy!

Good morning, from the home of
Lezza Kuzzin Poetry...

Enjoy, is My word for you-
Go out, be seen,
Child, shine!
Let the world see joy in you-
Shining forth, You're Mine!!!

Oh, Father,
I'll enjoy today,
I'll do just as you say!
I'll show this world that Father cares-
That Father,
Answers prayers!
Dear Father,
I'll remember joy-
Obey You,
I'll enjoy!!!

Lezza Kuzzin Poetry copyright 2012

Nehemiah 8:10-12   
Philippians 4:4-9   Matthew 5:14-16, 7:7-11
Jeremiah 29:11   Lamentations 3:21-25
Psalm 37:4-5  Galatians 5:22-25
Genesis 6:22   Hebrews 11:6

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