Monday, January 17, 2011

I've Made A Way For You

Good Morning, from the home of Lezza Kuzzin Poetry...
The crackling of the morning fire!
Not yet changed- 
My night's attire!
Rocking back and forth-
I sing!
Praise to God-
My offering!
Hot the cup of warmth, I drink,
As I ponder, 
Hope and think!
Oh, what joy does fill my soul-
As understanding flows!
Love swells up and faith abounds-
And rhyming grows and grows!
Child, I hear our Father say,
For Love, has made a way!
Tell your sisters, brothers too-
Indeed, Love's made a way!
Harvest time is true!
My child, I've made a way for you!
I tell you!  Tell you true!
Believe Me!  
That- you do!!!

Lezza Kuzzin Poetry 2011copyright

Mark 1:35
Isaiah 50:4-5
Psalms 5:3, 37:4, 143:8
Hebrews 11:6
Amos 3:3
Mark 4:26-29
Mark 9:23
Luke 18:27


  1. Plant the Seed, the Word of God, Say only what God says, Believe!
    Receive your harvest!!! Seed, time and harvest!!!
    During the time part is where most miss it! That is where we sometimes change what we say! We can't say what we see, hear, taste and smell- We have to continue to say what God says about it!!! Then stand firm and stagger not at the promise of God!!! Believe and Receive!!! Harvest time is true!!! Harvest time is here!!! Love you all soooooooooo much! 4ever xo

  2. Did I already tell you that I was believing for something big in 2010 and that right before Christmas I received a blessing for what I was believing for?
    I know I told friends and family- in person but I need to tell you too!
    You, who I may never met here! My sisters and brothers In Christ!
    I received a huge harvest!!! I have been believing to flow the poems that I receive out to the world in book form! I was blessed with support for it!!!
    Thank you sooooooooo much! I know they don't want me to say their name but Thank you for believing with me that these poems are a gift to all God's children everywhere! Even those who don't have internet!
    Yes! There are still some out there like that! ha!
    Many have asked me for a book who even have access! What joy!!!
    I wanted you to know that Seed, time and harvest is indeed true!!!
    Let me know your story too!
    Love you 4ever xo

  3. I am expectantly waiting for my harvest!
    Of course, right now I'm living the dreams I had for many years!! I'm married to a great husband (almost 3 years now!) and a mommy to the sweetest little girl! What an awesome harvest I'm already enjoying! Now I just need that debt-free, prosperity we're believing for! My God blessed me with my first dream so I'm confident of this one! :)

  4. Amen! I agree! Grandchildren! I believed for that one before I was ever a Mommy! Such joy!!! The Blessing!!!
    Thank you my girls!!! Love 4ever, mommy xo
    The Blessing is - to owe no man anything but to love him!!! Soooooo wonderful!!!

  5. I too am living out what I prayed for last husband being home A LOT more and the girls having and enjoying their father, me too! I am believing that the Lord will keep showing my why he chose NE and I am expecting it to be a huge part of our lives that we would never have wanted to miss out on! I miss you Andrea and Jackson, though! God has a plan for that too! I am SO enjoying watching your harvest time, Mommy! Know that I am here believing and praising our Father with you!! I love you and your poems soooo much!

  6. Oh, I soooooooo agree! Nebraska is so important to the plans God has for you! For us all!!! Yes! Andrea and her family have an awesome plan too! We will see! We all will see! This is harvest year!!!
    Thank you for believing with me and supporting me in all that God has shown us!!! I love you too so very much! 4ever, mommy xo
    The KIngdom Life Indeed!!!

  7. I find it so beautiful that those of us who sowed specific seed, and who watered, and tended, and weeded, and EXPECTED, are not disappointed. He wants us to believe Him for even greater things this year. I'm so excited!!