Monday, August 19, 2013

Doing Things With You ...

Good morning, from the home of
Lezza Kuzzin Poetry ...

My Father,
Everything I do with You ...
Oh, Lord, the things
I do with You!
The joy that flows from in my heart ...
Oh, the joy,
Within my heart!
Green is so much greener,
Red is very red,
Blue is brighter,
So much, brighter -
When I look at things
With You!
I'm seeing life, enjoying life,
Spending time with You!!!

Lezza Kuzzin Poetry copyright 2013

2 Corinthians 13:14
Colossians 1:27
1 Timothy 1:11-12, 6:6
Galatian 5:22-23
Hebrews 11:6
Matthew 13:16
John 17:3
Luke 7:36-48
Mark 9:23


  1. Thank you so much precious Bz Division ... this is a very sweet picture!
    I love you Alisha xo I miss you!
    Love 4ever, mommy xo

  2. Life is so much better with God! I love u Mommy

  3. Amen, my sweet Sunshine! I love you too ... so much! I miss you too!
    Sweet sleep honey,
    Love 4ever, mommy xo

  4. I agree! God definitely makes everything better! :) That is such a cute picture!!

    1. Good morning honey! I was lead outside to see my long awaited BLUE morning glories! God didn't want me to miss them! Tiny ones but that heavenly blue I love so much! Do you have any yet? We have lots of purple and pinks but I planted blue and longed for them! This is their first day and the Lord lead me out early before they shrivel up. Sooo sweet!
      Have a great day my precious girl!
      The Blessing!
      Love 4ever, mommy xo

  5. Adorable picture! Just perfect for this poem. I'm so happy you finally got your blue morning glories, I haven't had another one just that one in the evening..?? Thank you for calling to check on me yesterday, we didn't get to talk long but it was great! I love you and miss you!!

    1. Thank you again for all the wonderful pictures you send me! God is leading you and you are sooo doing it! You'll get more flowers! So beautiful!
      I love you so very much honey,
      Sweet sleep again!
      Love 4ever, mommy xo

  6. Oh I bet the morning glories were pretty! No, I never did plant mine. I worked so hard on the back yard but then one thing after another came up and I didn't get many new things planted. I need to get rid of the wild vines that try to take over my back flower bed! :)

  7. I'll give you some vines next year ... once they take off good you'll always have them! So fun!
    I love you so very much my precious girl!
    Love 4ever, mommy xo